Germany Stock Market

Major Stock Exchange Introduction

There are 8 exchanges located within Germany. Almost all of them can trade stocks on different capacity and methods. Many counters are primarily listing at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and some are co-listing at XETRA.

Winter(HK)15:0003:00+3 hoursWinter(HK)15:0003:00+3 hoursWinter(HK)15:0003:00+3 hoursWinter(HK)15:0003:00+3 hoursWinter(HK)15:0003:00+3 hours* SrtockCode “XXXX” is the combination of English characters and numbers.
 ExchangeStock Code*Summer/Winter Time (HK)Open SessionMarket ClosesUTC/GMTWebsite
1 Frankfurt Stock Exchange (XFRA) XXXX.GF Summer(HK) 14:00 02:00 +2 hours
Winter(HK) 15:00 03:00 +3 hours
2 Xetra Stock Exchange (XETR) XXXX.GY Summer(HK) 15:00 23:30 +2 hours
Winter(HK) 16:00 03:30 +3 hours
3 Stuttgart Stock Exchange (XSTU) XXXX.GS Summer(HK) 14:00 02:00 +2 hours
Winter(HK) 15:00 03:00 +3 hours
4 Munich Stock Exchange (XMUN) XXXX.GM Summer(HK) 14:00 02:00 +2hours
Winter(HK) 15:00 03:00 +3 hours
5 Berlin Stock Exchange (XBER) XXXX.GB Summer(HK) 14:00 02:00 +2 hours
Winter(HK) 15:00 03:00 +3 hours
6 Dusseldorf Stock Exchange(XDUS) XXXX.GD Summer(HK) 14:00 02:00 +2 hours
Winter(HK) 15:00 03:00 +3 hours
7 Hamburg Stock Exchange(XHAM) XXXX.GD Summer(HK) 14:00 02:00 +2 hours
Winter(HK) 15:00 03:00 +3 hours
8 Hannover Stock Exchange (XHAN) XXXX.GI Summer(HK) 14:00 02:00 +2 hours
Winter(HK) 15:00 03:00 +3 hours
* SrtockCode “XXXX” is the combination of English characters and numbers.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the world largest stock exchanges and is operated by Deutsche Börse, which also owns the European futures exchange Eurex and the clearing company Clearstream. As of 2011, companies from more than 80 countries list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with about 50% from North and South America, 30% from Europe, 14% from Asia and 6% from Australia and Africa.

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange had long history since 1894. It accounts for a very large share of turnover among other German markets. Most trades are taken place via the XETRA system nowadays.

XETRA Exchange Electronic Trading System

XETRA ("Exchange Electronic Trading") is a worldwide electronic securities trading system based in Frankfurt, Germany. It was launched in 1997 for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. More than 18 stock exchanges around the world have licensed the XETRA electronic trading platform, for example, Irish Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange. The system can handle 1.3 million trades on daily average, while it handled 2.1 million trades in the peak season. XETRA’s electronic trading technology has an outstanding record of high speed, reliability and low cost.

Representative German Stocks

In the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, some sectors are especially strong – green industry, high technology industry, life science and heavy industry. The following are some representative companies in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange:

Company NameStock CodeBusiness
Adidas ADS.GY Sport shoes and equipment
Allianz ALV.GY Insurance
Basf BAS.GY Specialty Chemicals
Bayer BAYN.GY Large Pharmaceuticals
BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) BMW.GY Automobile OEM
Daimler DAI.GY Automobile OEM
Volkswagen VOW3.GY Automobile OEM
Deutsche Bank DBK.GY Institutional Brokerage
Deutsche Boerse DB1.GY Security and Commodity Exchange
Linde LIN.GY Basic and Diversified Chemicals
Merch KGaA MRK.GY Biotech
SAP SAP.GY Application Software
Siemens SIE.GY Factory Automation Equipment

Account Opening Procedures

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Trading Information

CountryTrading Session(HongKong)Trade CurrencySettlement Currency & DurationEarliest HK time to accept orders for next trade day
Germany Monday ~ Friday
15:00 - 23:30
16:00 - 00:30
Frankfurt & other Floor Markets
14:00 - 02:00
15:00 - 03:00
Deutsche Börse
T + 2
Monday ~ Friday
at 09:00
after previous market close

Lot Size:1 share

Other Details: No price limits mechanism. Day trading is accepted. No short selling.

Transaction Details: Clients can place orders around the clock through our online platform, POEMS (the earliest time for placing order for the next trading day is after 9am, Monday to Friday). Besides through Internet, clients can also place orders via phone under the same commission rate.

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Depository Information

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