Schedule of Global Markets Trading Dates

Schedule of Global Stock Markets trading schedule for Christmas & New Year Eve in 2019

Global Market24 Dec (Tuesday)25 Dec (Wednesday)26 Dec (Thursday)31 Dec (Tuesday)
Our foreign stock dealing desk remains open during local public holidays but our settlement and account offices are closed.
Our Customers please be reminded the settlement date may be changed accordingly.
Please carefully refer to the settlement day printed on your combined statement or do inquiry before trading.
If you have any enquries, please contact us at (852) 2277 6666 or (852) 2277 6678.
* Germany XETRA stock market closes at 9:00 pm HKT ; FrankFurt stock market closes at 10:00 pm HKT.
* U.K. / Ireland stock market will close early at 8.30 pm HKT.
Hong Kong Close Early Closed Closed Close Early
China Connect(Northbound) Closed Closed Closed Open
Singapore Close Early Closed Open Close Early
US Close Early Closed Open Open
Canada Close Early Closed Closed Open
Australia Close Early Closed Closed Close Early
UK Close Early Closed Closed Close Early
Germany Closed Closed Closed Closed
China B-Share Open Open Open Open
Japan Open Open Open Closed
South Korea Open Closed Open Closed
Malaysia Open Closed Open Open
Thailand Open Open Open Open
Indonesia Closed Closed Open Closed
Euronext Close Early Closed Closed Close Early
Philippines Closed Closed Open Closed
Taiwan Open Open Open Open
Ireland Closed Closed Closed Closed
Finland Closed Closed Closed Closed
Sweden Closed Closed Closed Closed
Switzerland Closed Closed Closed Closed
Turkey Open Open Open Open
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