Open an Account

You can open a Phillip Account via several ways:

(1) Visit our offices in person (Head office and branches information)

(2) Open account through online 

(3) Please click  to access our services in Japanese

Points to note:


A. Face-to-face Customers

Please visit our office in person with the following documents:

1. Account Opening Form 

   A. Phillip Securities (Hong Kong) Limited

   B. Phillip Commodities (HK) Limited

   C. Phillip Bullion Limited

   D. Phillip Capital Management (HK) Ltd.

2. W-8BEN Form

3. Copy of valid identification document (e.g. HK Permanent ID Card/ Passport)

4. Proof of residential address within 3 months after issue (e.g. utility bills, bank statements)

5. Bank account supporting documents (e.g. ATM card, Passbook, Statement or Bank Account Reference Letter)

Reminder: Please read the relevant Client Agreement and Risk Disclosure before opening Trading Account.


B. Non face-to-face Customers

You can open an account by post. Please mail the above-listed required documents to the below address: Phillip Securities (HK) Limited, 11-12/F United Centre, 95 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong:

Additionally, customers must choose one of the procedures below to verify his/ her true identity:

(A) Mail a crossed personal cheque of HK$10,000.  This deposit can be used for trading.

The cheque must satisfy the following requirements:

1 Cheque made payable to the relevant Company names;

2 Must be a personal cheque drawn on a licensed bank in Hong Kong; and

3 Must bear identical name and signature as shown on Account Opening form. 

(B) Certify all mailed documents by notary public or professionals (e.g. lawyer, certified public accountant, branch manager of a bank or any other licensed registered person).
(C) Customers can visit our designated law firms in China for witness services.  Please contact our Customer Service Department for further details.

C. Company Account

Please submit the following corporate documents:

1.  Certificate of Incorporation*
2.  Business Registration Certificate*
3.  Proof of address (within 3 months)*
4.  List and identification of Directors and Authorized Signatories*
5.  List and identification of shareholders and ultimate beneficiaries*
6.  Company Search (within 6 months)/ Certificate of Incumbency (within 6 months)*
7.  Memorandum and Article of Association*
8.  Board Resolutions
9.  Letter of Guarantee with guarantor’s address proof (identification of guarantor if other than director or shareholder)
10. Latest Audited Accounts/ Certificate of Good Standing
11. W-8BEN-E Form

Item 1 to 7 should be certified by designated persons (e.g. Phillip employees, lawyer, certified public accountant, branch manager of a bank, or any other licensed person).


Unless receive special approval, we do not accept account opening applications from the following companies:

1. Licensed corporations without FATCA registration; or

2. Entities registered in the U.S.A

Note: Any transaction, movement and position traded through our companies will be reflected in client’s daily and monthly statement. Please review carefully.

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