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Last Updated on 1 Jan, 2018

For more details of the new version of Securities, Futures and Leveraged Foreign Exchange Client Agreement, please press:[Securities Client Agreement] - [Futures Client Agreement] - [Leveraged Foreign Exchange Client Agreement].

Before using this website or any online services provided on this website, please read (1) General Terms (2) Risk Disclosures Statement (3) Personal information Collection and Privacy Policy (collectively the ‘Terms and Conditions’). (4) Best Execution Policy (collectively the ‘Terms and Conditions’).

By accessing this website, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. Phillip Securities Group (“our Company”) reserves the rights to amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time without any prior notification. Your use of this website will be subject to the most current version of the Terms and Conditions posted on this website at the time of such use. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, please discontinue your use of this website immediately. In case of inconsistencies or conflict between the Chinese and the English versions of the Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

(1) General Terms

Information and Materials

The information and materials contained in this website should not be regarded as an offer, solicitation, invitation, advice or recommendation to buy, sell or otherwise deal with any investment, instrument or product. These information and materials are provided for general information only and should not be used as a basis for making any investment or business decisions. You are recommended to obtain independent professional advice where appropriate.

Use of Site

The content of this site is intended only for the private information of persons residing in Hong Kong. It may be illegal to download such information in other countries. Our Company disclaims all responsibility if you download any information from this site in breach of any law of the country in which you are residing.

Should the viewer leave this site via a link contained herein, and view content that is not provided by our Company, the viewer does so at its own risk. Our Company is not responsible for damages or losses caused by any delays, defects or omissions that may exist in the services, information or other content provided in such site, whether actual, alleged, consequential or punitive. Our Company makes no guarantees or representations as to, and shall have no liability for, any electronic content delivered by any third party or have any responsibility with respect to, including without limitation, the accuracy, subject matter, quality or timeliness of any electronic content.

No Warranties

The content of this website is not intended to provide any trading in financial product/ legal/ accounting or tax advice/ recommendations, and thus could not be relied for any decisions.

Any indicative price quotations, disclosure materials or analyses have been prepared on assumptions and parameters that reflect good faith determinations by us and do not constitute advice by us. No guarantee is given as to the accuracy, completeness, or reasonableness of any such quotations, disclosure or analyses. No representation or warranty is made that any indicative performance or return indicated will be achieved in the future. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. While we provide the information in good faith and derived from sources believed to be reliable, we do not represent or warrant the completeness, reliability, accuracy, timeliness or fitness for any purpose of any of the material. We have no obligation to update the information herein or rectify any latent mistakes. Opinions, estimates and other information contained herein may be changed or withdrawn without prior notice.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our Company owns the trademarks, trade names and logos displayed on this website, and are protected by copyright and intellectual property Laws. The information on this website may not be reproduced, distributed or published in any medium for any purpose without prior express written consent from our Company. If you download any information or software from this site, you agree that you will not copy, modify, remove, or obscure any copyright or other notices or legends contained in any parts of such information.

Limitation of Liability

In no event will any member of our Company be liable or have any responsibility for damages of any kind, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential or incidental, resulting from access or use of, or inability to access or use, this site or any sites or pages linked to this site, including (without limitation) damages resulting from the act or omission of any third party, even if any member of our Company has been advised of the possibility thereof.


You agree to fully indemnify and keep indemnified our Company and our directors, officers, employees and agents against any loss, cost, claim, liability or expense, including legal fees, that may be suffered or incurred by any of them arising from or which is directly or indirectly related to your access to and/or use of this website and any breach or non-observance of any of the Terms and Conditions by you.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The use of the website is protected under Hong Kong laws. Our Company reserves the rights to proceed with any civil or criminal legal action or proceeding under any jurisdiction you are in or under any jurisdiction your assets are located. Our Company may take action against you in any jurisdiction of its choice and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.

(2) Risk Disclosures Statement

Investment involves various risks, including but not limit to market, exchange rate, volatility, liquidity, credit/ counterparty, assessment degradation, regulatory and political areas. The risk of loss in securities, leveraged foreign exchange, futures, options and other derivatives trading can be substantial and even in excess of cash and any other assets deposited as collateral. You should therefore understand the risks, characteristics and restrictions of the investment products, and judge whether it is suitable for your financial situation, investment objective and risk tolerance before making any investment decisions. For details of risk disclosures, please refer to “Risk Disclosures Statement” in our website.

(3) Personal information Collection and Privacy Policy

All information provided by you via this website may not be completely secured. Our Company will not be responsible for any damage suffered by you if you send information to us, or if we send information to you at the your request, over the Internet

Personal data held by our Company will be kept confidential but in submitting personal data you agree that any such data may be used for the following purposes -

  1. sharing, cross - checking and transferring that data with any Associate;

  2. any purpose relating to or in connection with compliance with any law, regulation, court order or order of a regulatory authority including the provision of any such data to any such regulatory authority which shall request the same (without our Company having to obtain prior legal advice as to the competence of such a request);

  3. any other purposes relating to or in connection with our business or dealings or the business or dealings of any Associate. We will not collect any personal information that individually identifies a visitor to the site of any member of our Company unless it has been submitted by users themselves.

(4) Disclosure of Best Execution Policy

Pursuant to the Code of Conduct for Persons Licensed by or Registered with the Securities and Futures Commission (“Code of Conduct”) that a licensed or registered person when acting for or with clients should execute client orders on the best available. PHILLIP SECURITIES (HONG KONG) LIMITED ("the Company") is a licensed Intermediary under the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, is expected to have an internal Best Execution Policy (“BEP”), procedures and applicable local trading rules in place to obtain the best outcome for clients. The excerpt version of this BEP (English version only) is available on the Company website. Please click here for the details of the policy. If you have any questions about our BEP, we encourage you to contact your Account Executive or our Dealing department.

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