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New Function: Script Dividend and Rights Issue Online Application

Monday, June 17, 2019 Views6847
POEMS clients can apply Script Dividend and Rights Issue online from 19 Jun 2019.

1. Login POEMS > Click “HK Stock” >Choose “Corporate Actions”

  2. Click“Apply” button  go to application page

 3. Jump into the Script Dividend page,Cash Dividend would be default.



4. You can choose Share Dividend or Partial Optional



5. If choose“Optional” ,please enter the partial no. of shares(The units must be integer)


6. Then click “Sumbit”


7. System will back to the previous page automatically and the“Apply” button would change to be “Edit”



8. If choosing “Rights Issue” Application

9. If choose “NOT Exercise”,that cannot enter any digit into the blank.


10. If choosing “Excercise the Offer”,please enter the no. of excercise rights into the box,system will show the amount that client need to deposit.

11. Then click “Submit”


12. If choosing “Cancel”


13. System will back to the previous page and the button is still show “Apply”


















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