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PhillipMart Calendar
Stock Code Company PhillipMart Date Time
1837 Natural Food International Holding Limited December 11, 2018 4:15 PM to 6:30 PM
1860 Mobvista Inc. December 11, 2018
2798 Perennial Energy Holdings Limited December 11, 2018
8621 Metropolis Capital Holdings Limited December 11, 2018
2359 WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd. December 12, 2018
8622 Huakang Biomedical Holdings Company Limited December 12, 2018
1992 Fosun Tourism Group December 13, 2018
1983 Luzhou City Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. December 14, 2018
1995 Ever Sunshine Lifestyle Services Group Limited December 14, 2018
1675 AsiaInfo Technologies Limited December 18, 2018
2892 Million Cities Holdings Limited December 19, 2018
1820 Pacific Millennium Packaging Group Corporation December 20, 2018
3868 Xinyi Energy Holdings Limited December 20, 2018
PhillipMart - First electronic platform for pre-IPO shares trading

About PhillipMart

PhillipMart is the first trading platform licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) to provide trading of pre-IPO shares prior to their official listing on the SEHK. PhillipMart has updated its trading hours from 4:15pm to 6:30pm one business day prior to the official listing date of the new shares, effective from Monday, 30 March 2009.

Arrangement of half trading day

Half trading day: The trading hour is from 2:15p.m to 4:30p.m

Suspension, breakdown, or disruption of the PhillipMart system

Announcements will be shown on our company website in the case of suspensions, breakdown, or disruption of the system. Our company has full discretion to cancel all placed or executed orders.
If client wants to clarify their order’s status or is experiencing difficulties with PhillipMart, they should immediately contact their account executive or our customer services at (852) 2277 6555.

Postponement, cancellation or alteration to the listing arrangement of new securities

Cancellation: All orders placed by clients will only be cancelled and void if a particular security fails to list on the HKEX.
Postponement: Executed orders will remain valid. Outstanding orders will be cancelled.
Alteration: Alteration to terms and conditions of IPO will not affect PhillipMart unless it leads to postponement or cancellation of listing, in which case, please refer to the above.

In the case of any cancellation, postponement or alteration, an announcement will be published on our company website.

Adverse weather: tropical cyclone warning signal number 8 or above or black rainstorm signal

In the case of tropical cyclone warning signal number 8 or above or black rainstorm signal:
  • Signal lowered after 12:00 noon, no trading for the day.
  • Signal discontinued before 12:00 noon, PhillipMart trading sessions will begin as normal at 4:15p.m.
  • If the signal is issued during PhillipMart trading session, it will trade as normal until 6:30p.m.
Please refer to our company website for more information

Clients who trade through PhillipMart should take note that our contingency arrangement may be revised from time to time without prior notice. Please visit our company website for any revisions made.

Hotline: (852) 2277 6733
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