Last Update:May 20, 2014


1. Customers using PhillipMart are reminded to read clause 17.9 of the Securities Client Agreement.

2. If the Customer is a licensed person acting on behalf of clients, the licensed person should remind the client about the risk of using over-the-counter ("OTC") trading facilities, such as PhillipMart, as set out in clause 17.9 and the Risk Disclosure Statements in the Securities Client Agreement.

3. Please take care when placing orders as market misconduct such as market manipulation and false trading are serious offences. Any error trades should be reported ASAP.

Risk Disclosures

1. Risks of using electronic trading services

If you undertake transactions via electronic trading facilities, you will be exposed to risks associated with the system including the failure of hardware and software, and your order may not be executed according to your instructions.

2. Risk of Trading on PhillipMart

You should only undertake trading on the OTC trading facilities known as "PhillipMart" provided by us if you understand the nature of such trading and such trading facilities and the extent of your exposure to risks. If in doubt, you should seek independent professional advice.

Trades on PhillipMart are subject to risk, including counterparty risk, risk that a particular security fails to subsequently be listed on the Exchange, lower liquidity and higher volatility. Settlement of the relevant transactions is not guaranteed and you will be responsible for any losses or expenses resulting from your and/or your counterparty's settlement failures.

The prices of Securities traded on PhillipMart may differ significantly from their opening or traded prices transacted during the regular market hours upon the listing of the Securities on the Exchange. The prices displayed on PhillipMart may not reflect the prices in other concurrently operating automated trading systems dealing in the same Securities.

This brief statement cannot disclose all risks. You should therefore study carefully the risks disclosure statements on our website and in your client agreement.

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