Teletext Support

Java VM

If you are using a newly installed operation system (e.g. Windows7 )and find that the Teletext data is not displayed properly in the Internet Explorer (IE), maybe it is because Java VM is not installed in your computer.


Windows XP / Vista / 7 users please click here to download and install the latest version of Java 6

To avoid affecting the layout operation of the Hong Kong stock options, do not use other versions of Java.

Windows 98 / ME / 2000 users please click here to download and install (Java VM v1.5.0.07)

If you are using Windows 98/ Windows ME with Microsoft VM installed before, please click here to run the Microsoft VM Remover before installing Java VM. This prevents conflicts between Microsoft VM and Java VM.


POEMS includes JavaScript units. To make sure JavaScript is enabled in you browser, you may

  1. Go to "Tools | Internet Options..."from Internet Explorer
  2. Click the "Security" tab
  3. Select "Custom Level" button
  4. Enable to turn JavaScript support on under SCRIPTING section
  5. Close the browser and Open again
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