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How to Trade Bonds with us?

If you have a Phillip Account, you can place your order by contacting your broker or the bond department. You can open a Phillip account at any branches if you don't have one yet.

Do the bonds have any margin value?

We've set different margin value for each bonds, which may up to 70%.

What currencies' bond can we trade?

Our foreign exchange service includes HKD, USD, AUD, NZD and GBP.

How to redeem the bonds?

We will help you redeem the bonds when they mature and deposit the total amount into your Phillip account without any charges.

Are there any extra charges beside commission?An accrued interest will be charged. For example, if you buy the bonds of ICBC at the nominal value 1,000,000 at 100.49% and there are 65 days between the settlement day and the last coupon payment day, so at the day of settlement, you have to pay $1,004,900 of principal plus $2617.81 of accrued interest.

A custodian fee will also be charged at 0.05% of the nominal value of the bonds or a minimum charge at HK$25 monthly. For example, the face value of a bond is 1,000,000, a custodian fee of $41.67 (1,000,000*0.05%/12=$41.67) will be charged per month. The custodian fee will be deducted from your Phillip account at the end of each month.

How to benefit from investing bonds?

Bonds provide interest, generally, you can receive a steady interest income every year, also the yield of bonds are normally higher than the bank deposit rate. In addition, you can sell the bond at the market to make a profit when its price rises.

Do I have to hold the bond until it matures?

Besides holding the bond until it matures, you can sell it at the secondary market when its price rises to make a profit.

What is accrued interest?

Besides principals, an accrued interest will also be charged when buying bonds from the secondary market. Accrued interest is the interest of the bonds between the settlement date and the previous coupon interest payment date which should be entitled by the bondholder, therefore the buyers have to pay the sellers an accrued interest when buying the bonds.
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