Global Securities Research Report
Date Commentary
  06-02-2018 Tuesday Singapore Morning Note(-)
  05-02-2018 Monday SIA Engineering Company Ltd(SIE.SG)
  05-02-2018 Monday Singapore Morning Note(-)
  02-02-2018 Friday Singapore Morning Note(-)
  02-02-2018 Friday Cache Logistics Trust(CLT.SG)
  01-02-2018 Thursday Aspen (Group) Holdings Limited(ASPEN.SG)
  01-02-2018 Thursday CapitaLand Retail China Trust(CRCT.SG)
  01-02-2018 Thursday Singapore Morning Note(-)
  31-01-2018 Wednesday Singapore Morning Note(-)
  30-01-2018 Tuesday Singapore Morning Note(-)
  30-01-2018 Tuesday Micro-Mechanics (Holdings) Ltd(MMC.SG)
  29-01-2018 Monday China Sunsine Chemical Holding(CSS.SG)
  29-01-2018 Monday Y Ventures Group Ltd(YVETS.SG)
  29-01-2018 Monday CapitaLand Commercial Trust(CCT.SG)
  29-01-2018 Monday Singapore Morning Note(-)
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The information contained in the report(s) is provided to you for information only and is not intended to or nor will it create/induce the creation of any binding legal relations.

The information or opinions provided in the report(s) do not constitute an investment advice, an offer or solicitation to subscribe for, purchase or sell the e investment product(s) mentioned herein. It does not have any regard to your specific investment objectives, financial situation and any of your particular needs.

Information contained herein is based on data obtained from recognized statistical services, issuer reports or communications, or other sources believed to be reliable. However, Phillip Securities(HK) Ltd("PSHK") does not verify such information. PSHK does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness, nor do we take responsibility for any loss occasioned by reliance placed upon the contents hereof. Any statements nonfactual in nature constitute only current opinions, which are subject to change.

Accordingly, no warranty whatsoever is given and no liability whatsoever is accepted for any loss arising whether directly or indirectly as a result of this information. Investments are subject to investment risks including possible loss of the principal amount invested.

The value of the product and the income from them may fall as well as rise. You may wish to seek advice from an independent financial adviser before making a commitment to purchase or investing in the investment product(s) mentioned herein.

PSHK and any of its members will not, in any event, be liable to you for any direct/indirect or any other damages of any kind arising from or in connection with your reliance on any information in and/or materials available on the reports.

The information and/or materials provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. In particular, no warranty regarding accuracy or fitness for a purpose is given in connection with such information and materials.

There are risks inherent in international investments, which may make such investments unsuitable for certain clients. These include, for example, economic, political, currency exchange rate fluctuations, and limited availability of information on international securities. We recommend that you obtain the advice of your Financial Advisor regarding this or other investment in order to conform to your financial resources and risk preference.

PSHK (or one of its affiliates) or their officers, directors, analysts, or employees may have positions in securities or commodities referred to herein, and may, as principal or agent, buy and sell such securities or commodities. An employee, analyst, officer, or a director of PSHK, or its affiliates, may serve as a director for companies mentioned in this report. Neither the information nor opinion expressed in this report shall constitute a solicitation to buy or sell any securities. There may be instances when fundamental, technical, and quantitative opinions may not be in concert. This firm (or one of its affiliates) may from time to time perform investment banking or other services for, or solicit investment banking or other business from, any company mentioned on the reports.

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