The Financial Market is becoming more globalized and diversified. Traditional Stock Market can no longer fulfill a large proportion of investors needs. Thus, derivative products over various exchanges are growing vigorously these years. As many investors in Hong Kong are not familiar with the mechanism and risk of trading derivative products, they refuse to undergo trading derivative products. In fact, trading Foreign Futures Products is not that complicated. If you manage your risk control, trading Foreign Futures Products is even more flexible than investing in stock.

To provide better investment opportunities, Foreign Futures Department of Phillip Commodities (HK) Ltd. offers clients with 24-hour trading services and an advanced online trading platform.

Classification of foreign futures

Products provided by Phillip's foreign futures

Main global exchange

United States
  • CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)
  • CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade)
  • NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange)
  • NYBOT (New York Board of Trade)
  • COMEX (Commodities Exchange)
  • EUREX (Europe's Global Financial Marketplace)
  • LIFFE (London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange)
  • EURONEXT (European Stock Exchange)
  • IPE (International Petroleum Exchange)
Asia & Australia
  • SIMEX (Singapore Exchange)
  • OSE (Osaka Securities Exchange)
  • TOCOM (Tokyo Commodity Exchange)
  • KSE (Korea Exchange)
  • SFE (Australian Securities Exchange)
  • TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Exch. Name I.Margin M.Margin Commission (Online) Commission Trading Hours
(HK Time)
Day Trade Overnight Trade Day Trade Overnight Trade
CBOT US 2-YEAR NOTE USD 836 USD 760 USD *5/10 USD *5/10 USD15 USD15 E-Session: (Mon-Fri) 0600 - Next Day 0500
CBOT US T-NOTES 10 YR USD 3080 USD 2800 USD *4/8 USD *6/12 USD 20 USD 22 E-Session: (Mon-Fri) 0600 - Next Day 0500
CBOT TREASURY BONDS USD 7040 USD 6400 USD *4/8 USD *6/12 USD 20 USD 22 E-Session: (Mon-Fri) 0600 - Next Day 0500
CME EURODOLLARS USD 1144 USD 1040 USD 10 USD 10 USD 15 USD 15 E-Session: (Monday – Friday) 6:00 am – 5:00 am (Next day)
EUREX EURO SCHATZ EUR 307 EUR 279 EUR 10 EUR 10 EUR 10 EUR 10 E-Session: (Mon-Fri) 0815 - Next Day 0400 (Market Close on 0500 during winter time)
LIFFE LIFFE 3 MTH EURIBOR EUR 592 EUR 538 EUR 10 EUR 10 EUR 10 EUR 10 E-Session: 1600 - Next day 0400
SFE 30 Day Interbank Cash Rate Fut AUD 432 AUD 393 USD 10 USD 10 USD 10 USD 10 E-Session: :0534 –1330; 1414 – 0400 (Mon–Fri)
SIMEX(SGXQ) MINI JAPANESE GOVERNMENT BOND JPY 184800 JPY 168000 YEN 1100 YEN 1250 YEN 1100 YEN 1250 E-Session: 0745-1715, T+1: 18:30 - Next day 0100
TSE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT BOND JPY 1620000 JPY 1472727 YEN3000 YEN3500 YEN3000 YEN3500 E-Session: 0745 – 1000, 1130 - 1400, 1430 – 2225
* The special commission rate are for new clients with double margin requirement. For more detail, please visit http://www.poems.com.hk/en-us/product-and-service/foreign-futures/promotion/double-margin-offer/
  1. Part of the foreign futures/options products can only be placed by calling our dealing desk during open outcry session.
  2. All margin requirements are subjected to change. Please call the dealing desk for the most updated margin requirement.
  3. "CBOT 100oz. Gold, Mini-sized Gold, 5000oz. Silver, Mini-sized Silver" are now trading in NYSE LIFFE(NYL) Exchange.
  4. The above trading hours are in summer time of the related market, client should be aware of the Note 5 about the date of winter-time & the trading hours will be postponed by 1 hour.
  5. Please note the winter time of European Union and United States Markets will start on 1 November 2010 and 7 November 2010 respectively; and the market will open and close one hour later during the winter-time period. The daily statement sent by email will also be postponed by one hour to around 11am from 1 November 2010. But the time for platform (Poems/FATS) updates will be remain the same – i.e. to be around 8:30am. If there is any discrepancy between the information on the daily statement and the platform, the daily statement shall prevail. For further enquiry, please call foreign futures department at (852) 2277 6677.
  6. Account without any trading within 6 months, half-year admin fee HK$60 will be charged in Jun. and Dec.
  7. Please be aware that stop order may be cancelled by exchange due to the following reasons ever the stop price is triggered. One of the reason is that the market price beyond the price limit when the stop price is triggered. We will inform you once this situation happens as soon as possible.
  8. Position transfer inbound and outbound subject to standard commission and extra charges,besides, not all position are transferrable, please call us at (852) 2277 6677 for details.
  9. If client account contains insufficient trading currency or deficit in any currency due to trading loss, this negative balance will be charged with interest.The interest rate is SCB Hong Kong Dollar Prime Rate.
  10. There is interest rate charges if client account contain positive balances of Euro(EUR) and Japanese Yen(JPY). The interest rate is negative 0.75%.
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